Weekly Workouts 

These self -paced workouts are designed for volleyball training / conditioning training during the stay at home directive.  We would love to see a video of your workout on our Facebook page - DIGVBC   Good luck! 

May 11th-15th




Walk/Jog - 2mins of walking, then 3 minutes of jogging.

*3 sets...rest for 1 minute every third exercise*

1. High Skips - 15 each leg

2. Burpees - 15 

3. Flutter Kicks - 30 seconds 

4. Long Jumps - 10 (jump as far out in front of you as you can, trying to maintain balance and landing in a squat position)

5. Ski Jumps - 10 each leg 

6. Crunchy Frogs - 10


  1. 25 passes to self

  2. 25 sets to self 

  3. Find a parent or sibling to assist - start on knee and do 25 passes each leg. 

  4. 25 serves to wall

  5. 25 hits against wall



*3 sets...rest for 1 minute every third exercise*

1. Quick Feet (side to side/front and back) - with feet fairly close together, jump over the line (on sidewalk, in garage, etc.) from side to side as fast as you can for 20 seconds. Then jump back and forth (forward/backward) across a line for 20 seconds

2. Wall Jumps - stand next to a wall (of your house or garage) with your arms up straight over your head. Jump as high as you can and then mark the highest point of your reach (get someone to help). Jump for 30 seconds reaching for that spot, focusing on getting as high as you can and trying to not touch below your initial mark. Repeat two more times, resting for 10 seconds in between.

3. Side Lunges - 15 each leg

4. Squat Pulses - 30 seconds 

5. Reverse Lunges - 15 each leg

6. Jump Squats - 20 

7. Glute Bridges - 20 (keep your core engaged, squeeze glutes and hold for 2 seconds for each one)


1. 5 times- Find a larger area (at least 40 feet) ball control passing - walk while passing the ball and keeping it in control.

2. Put two cones 10 feet apart and shuffle back and forth for 1 minute 5 times each. (Can use two lines 10 feet apart as well)

3. 25 passes to self-between each pass touch the ground

4. 50 approaches with vertical jump

5. 25 blocks with hop step to right or left



*3 sets...rest for 1 minute every third exercise*

1. Jump Squats - 20

2. Plank (on forearms) - 40 seconds

3. Walking Lunges - 10 each leg

4. Donkey Kicks/Fire Hydrants - 15 of each back to back then switch legs

5. Frog Pumps - 20

6. Single-Leg Planks - 30 seconds each leg


Do Star Drill video. Do the drill 15 times. 5 times focusing on the footwork, 5 times with burpees, and 5 times passing a ball at each point. Have a parent or sibling assist.





50 Jumping Jacks

*3 sets...rest for 1 minute every third exercise*

1. Mountain Climbers - 25 

2. Dead Bugs - 15 (keep core engaged)

3. Side Planks - 30 seconds 

4. Single Foot Side Jumps - 10 each foot (On your left foot, jump as far as you can to the right (5 times) then as far as you can to the left (5 times) Repeat on your right foot)

5. Walking Planks - 20 

6. Sumo Squats - 20 

7. Bulgarian Squats - 10 each leg


  1. Pass to self then set onto your roof, wait for ball to come down off of roof and repeat. Do 15 times. Focus on staying low and finding the ball when it comes off of the roof. 

  2. Alternating setting lunge. Set to yourself (low sets) while lunging. Keep the ball in control and controlling your balance. Do 15 times. 

  3. Have a parent or sibling assist with this drill. Stand 5 feet apart, go down and do a burpee. When you get to your feet the parent or sibling will toss the player the ball. Player will pass to self, set to self then hit a controlled down ball to partner. Do 20 times. 

  4. Wall serving. Do 30 serves to a stable wall, preferably outside, focus on a good toss and solid contact on the ball. 

  5. Do 30 hitting approaches. Mark off 10 feet, use a wall or fence as the net.




*3 sets...rest for 1 minute every third exercise*

1. Lateral Arm Raises - 15 (use weights/bottle beverages/soup cans) 

2. Forward Arm Raises - 15 (use weights/bottle beverages/soup cans)

3. Push Ups - 10

4. V-Up Sit Ups - 10 (use medicine ball or volleyball)

5. Plank & Shoulder Taps - 25

6. Single Leg Scissor Sit Ups - 15 each leg

7. Penguin Crunches - 20


  1. 20 serves to wall.

  2. 15 self toss hitting approaches with catching the ball.

  3. Use a basket or mark a spot on the ground-25 passes to target. (Have a parent or sibling toss an overhand ball to you).

  4. 1 minute of wall sit while passing to yourself. Do 3 sets. 

  5. 1 minute of wall sit while setting to yourself. Do 3 sets.