RTG Gym Training Sign Up Link (steps below)

Step 1: Create an EZ Facility account for yourself (not your player) and verify your account; you will receive an email to do so.

Step 2: Log in and select your profile (your name in the top left hand corner)

Step 3: Select "Relationships," "Add," and "Child" then select "Next."

  • If your player already has an EZ Facility account from a previous league registration, you can search for them and select their existing information. If they are new to the system, you will need to select "ADD." You will then fill out their info and hit "Next" to complete.

    • You will likely have to approve this addition via a link that is sent to your email.​

  • Email Katie, Lindsey or Jessica once you've added your player. They will change their status to "DIG member" and you'll be able to register them for the RTG training sessions.

Step 4: Select "Book Sessions," select your desired date/event and then select your name and change it to your player's name. You will then be able to register for their desired session. After selecting a session, select "Buy Package" and follow as prompted.