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For this outstanding camp, DIG is partnering with RTG Performance Academy.   RTG is our prefered partner for Sports Performance and will be assisting DIG before and during the 2021 - 2022 club season. 


Our summer training will consist of two 4 week sessions. One session spanning from June 7th through July 1st, the other from July 19th through August 12th.

Workouts will run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and each week will be a progression from the previous as we place one brick on top of another on top of another!


Every 90 minute training will include mobility, body control, strength training, and power development. It's an overall training approach geared towards reducing the risk of injury and improving performance.


  • Mondays will be geared towards lower body strength and agility.

  • Tuesdays will be upper body strength and speed.

  • Thursdays will be total body strength and competition.


After going through the summer training, you can expect your athlete to be moving quicker, jumping higher, and showing a higher level of strength ultimately reducing their risk of injury and excelling on the court! 

June 7th - July 1st or

July 19th - August 12th

10:30am - 12pm Group - 4 weeks - ($320) Register
10:30am - 12pm Group - 1 week - ($100) Register
4:30pm - 6pm Group - 4 weeks - ($320) Register
4:30pm - 6pm Group - 1 week - ($100) Register

When purchasing the 4 week package, campers may use their four training weeks in either session 1 or session 2 but only in the AM or PM session they originally registered. 

For additional info or questions, email Ryan at rlight@rtgperformanceacademy.net

WHAT TO BRING: water bottle (or money to purchase bottled water) (face masks are optional).