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DIG Academy Showcase Schedule:

Friday, November 20th at Sportsplex

Players should arrive 15 minutes early wearing their

Black DIG Practice Shirt. 


Court 1

6PM - DIG 11 Josh Vs. DIG 12 Crystal

7PM - DIG 12 Gustavo Vs. DIG 11 Josh

8PM - DIG 12 Katie Vs. DIG 12 Megan

Court 2

6PM - DIG 12 Katie Vs. DIG 12 Gustavo

7PM - DIG 12 Crystal Vs. DIG 12 Megan

Court 3 

6PM - DIG 13 Hannah Vs. DIG 13 Justin

7PM - DIG 15 Morgan Vs. DIG 13 Hannah

8PM - DIG 13 Justin Vs. DIG 15 Morgan

Program Info

11s, 12s, 13s, & 14s


A reduced cost/reduced commitment club volleyball alternative that focuses on the individual skill and development of the athlete. 


The program will begin the Second Sunday in November, 2020 and end the first week of March, 2021.

Teams will practice on Sundays for 1.5 hrs (with a start time anywhere from 12:00pm-4:30pm) and each individual player will attend one mandatory, weekly skills session (1 hr), though they do have access to unlimited skills sessions throughout the season.

Teams will also participate in double headers every other Friday night in the Sportsplex Winter League.


There will be 2 in-house tournaments at Sportsplex against other teams in the Winter League in addition to 2  NTR sanctioned tournaments in the DFW area.

Includes: full uniform (jersey, spandex), practice shirt, backpack, and a ball.

Cost: $1,200

2020-2021 Tentative Academy Skills Training Schedule:

11s & 12s


13s & 14s


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