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Lindsey Owen

DIG VBC Assistant Director

Team Lead for 15's

Head Coach of 15 Black

Phone: 972-385-5416 ext. 1002


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Coach Lindsey's Bio

Coach Lindsey has been with DIG since the club’s inception and serves as one of the director’s of the club. Lindsey graduated from Texas Wesleyan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. She also has a Master’s Degree from Texas A&M Commerce  in Criminology.

Lindsey grew up playing both competitive volleyball and softball, playing softball into her college years. 


Her coaching experience spreads across all levels- from Sportsplex recreational league to competitive club teams- ranging in ages 11-15’s. This will be her second year coaching the 15 Black team. 


Her strength in coaching is helping each athlete find their strengths and weaknesses and building on the weaknesses to turn them into assets on the court. Her positive spirit and energy is contagious to her athletes. 


Favorite core value at DIG 

Lindsey’s favorite core value is EFFORT because when an athlete gives their all, she believes they will have unlimited possibilities. “I push my players to give their best whenever they are on the court,” says Lindsey. Through goal setting, offering challenging practices and positive feedback, Lindsey pushes her players to be the best versions of themselves. 



Family is extremely important to Lindsey.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her niece and nephew at her parents lake house. She also enjoys visiting new restaurants in Dallas, playing sand volleyball with friends, and hiking. 

Abby Ludeman

Head Coach of 15 Blue

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Coach Abby's Bio

Coach Abby found her love for volleyball when she was eight years old and never looked back. When it came to deciding to play Division I volleyball, she opted to focus on her academics instead, but after one semester at SMU, missed the game so much and started playing for the SMU club volleyball team. Besides volleyball, Abby also grew up playing tennis, competitive swim, and sand volleyball. 


Favorite core value at DIG

Abby's favorite core value is EFFORT.  She believes that practices are best run when the highest level of effort is put in by every individual on the team. Abby says, “I stress positivity, maximum effort and ‘next point mentality’ in all of my practices and tournaments. In a game you are given the choice to either dwell on a past mistake or learn from it and focus on the next ball over. Always having the better-the-ball mentality encourages camaraderie and emphasizes teamwork. At the end of a day it takes a team to win, not just individuals.” 



Abby loves to spend time with her two year old labradoodle named Monty as well as lots of time with her family. When she’s not coaching on a Sunday, you’ll find her at church and brunch with her family. In addition to that, she enjoys playing sand volleyball and her job as the creative director at Buff City Soap where she shares her love for logo design and branding.

Jon Sanchez

Head Coach of 15 Emerald

Assistant Coach of 14 Blue

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Coach Jon's Bio

We are excited to welcome Coach Jon to the DIG family this season. His enthusiasm, motivating and encouraging words will be heard around the gym as he takes the helm of the 15 Emerald team. In high school, Coach Jon was a stand out UIL 6A Texas State Wrestling Champion. It wasn’t until college that Jon found his love for both playing and coaching volleyball. Coach Jon is a University of Texas at El Paso graduate. While in El Paso, he both played and coached volleyball in both the YMCA and in club volleyball. He coached at the YMCA for 5 years, as well as at El Paso United, El Paso Rapid Fire, and El Paso Hustlers. 


Favorite core value at DIG 

Coach Jon’s favorite core value is EFFORT. He states, “Not everyone is gifted with natural talent or born to be 6 foot tall. That’s not in our control. But what is in your control is the amount of effort you put into working on yourself.” He says he get his team fired up to play by motivating them from within. He continues, “You will have struggles and challenges but what is it that you want from it (Desire)? Are you doing everything in your power to get there (Effort)? Are you being true to YOURSELF (Integrity)? Are you truly appreciating what you’re doing and the others around you (respect)? And finally, are you enjoying it (Fun)?” 



Coach Jon is currently engaged and will get married on March 26, 2022. He loves playing competitive volleyball, spending time with his fiance and two dogs as well as dancing the night away. 

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