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Devon Kuwanquaftewa

Team Lead for 16's & 17's

Head Coach of 16 Black

Head Coach of 14 Onyx Boys

Head Coach of 11 Black

Coach Devon's Bio

Coach Devon adds an elite level coaching perspective from playing at the collegiate level at both Michigan State and Northern Arizona University. In addition to his playing experience, Coach Devon has coached JV high school volleyball in Arizona, women’s club volleyball at Northern Arizona, recreation leagues, and club level teams. While coaching the women’s club volleyball team at NAU from 2013-2017, his 2014 finished as Division IAAA National Champions. Coach Devon has been at DIG since 2018 and is excited about the 2021-22 season.


Favorite core value at DIG

Devon’s favorite core value is EFFORT.  He states, “Whether it be a team or individual goal, I love to encourage my athletes to show up, give 110% effort, and push themselves to a higher level of performance.” 


Additionally, Devon strives to teach his athletes consistency and to stop obsessing over perfection. “Mistakes are not the end of the world; they are chances to learn what we can to become better,” he adds. 



When Devon isn’t coaching volleyball or playing in adult volleyball leagues, he likes to get back to his family in Arizona anytime he can. He also enjoys travelling and baking.

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Josh Dossey

11's Academy

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Coach Josh's Bio

Coach Josh has been coaching at DIG for two years. Josh is a Baylor graduate for his undergrad and an SMU law graduate as well. His love for volleyball started in college, where he quickly grew to love the game and advanced very quickly in skill as an all-star libero and has travelled around the country and internationally to play. Josh holds his athletes to a high standard and finds setting goals important for the success of young athletes. 


Favorite core value at DIG 

Josh’s favorite core value is FUN!  “At 11 years old, these athletes are kids first,” Josh says. “We must give them a love of the sport as a foundation before they move on to higher, more intense levels of play and commitment.” Josh loves to teach the fundamentals and develop love for the game as a foundation. 



Josh is an attorney practicing family and business litigation during the day so his spare time is mostly still working. However, when he does have time off, he considers himself a Dallas foodie and is always trying out new cuisines around town. He still plays volleyball often and loves to travel and compete in several tournaments. He also serves on the board of the Dallas Independent Volleyball Association and is active in various charitable and service organizations in the DFW area.

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