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RTG Performance

DIG VBC partners exclusively with RTG performance for Strength and Conditioning and Speed and Agility training. This summer get ahead of the completion with RTG and DIG!

Starting May 30th and ending August 4th we will have sessions running 4 days per week (M,T,W,TH) geared towards improving strength, power, and reducing injury risk! There will be 2 sessions running each day for both girls and boys. The girls sessions will run 12p-1p and 4p-5p. The boys sessions will run 1p-2p and 5:30p-6:30p. Over the 10 weeks families will have the ability to purchase 1 session, 5 sessions, 10 sessions, 15 sessions, or 20 sessions. To purchase a summer package they can follow the correlated links below. To reserve their spot for each class, which is limited to 10 athletes per group, they will need to go to and click "book session". From there they can register for any "DIG - Summer Training" class they would like! 


Boys - 1 Session ($50) 


Boys - 5 Sessions ($150) 

Boys - 10 Sessions ($250) 

Boys - 15 Sessions ($350)


Boys - 20 Sessions ($450)


Girls - 1 Session ($50)

Girls - 5 Sessions ($150)

Girls - 10 Sessions ($250)

Girls - 15 Sessions ($350)

Girls - 20 Sessions ($450)

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