Jessica Talbot

DIG VBC Assistant Director

Team Lead for 13's

Head Coach of 13 Black

Phone: 972-385-5416 ext. 1004 

Email: jthomas@DallasSportsplex.com

Coach Jessica's Bio

Jessica grew up in Ohio in a family with seven brothers and sisters and knows first-hand what it truly means to be a family. As one of the Directors of DIG volleyball club, she brings that life experience, along with her playing and coaching experience to the DIG family in a big way. 


Jessica played high school and intramural club volleyball and then started her coaching career in 2014 coaching the Sportsplex Rec League, followed by Dallas Juniors prior coming to DIG in 2017. While at DIG, she has coached both at the academy and club levels. Her leadership potential and coaching style was quickly noticed and she joined the administrative staff as a director in 2019 after graduating with a degree in Business Management from Dallas Baptist University. 


Favorite core value at DIG

Her favorite core value at DIG is DESIRE. Jessica says, “When I see a player that will give their all for the sake of the team’s success and pursue the opportunities that will get them there, I am elated! You can have all the talent in the world and still miss it. Words are empty without action; seeing a player never give up and keep in good spirits through the challenges and losses is so important to me.” She has had great success in pushing her teams to be the best version of themselves.  




Jessica loves to hang out with friends, family, and her husband of almost one year in her spare time. Jessica is a devout Christian and takes her faith very seriously. You can find her playing volleyball, both indoor and sand, shopping, or reading when she isn’t working.

Justin McCullough

Head Coach of 13 Blue

Coach Justin's Bio

Coach Justin is going on his fourth season with DIG and could not imagine coaching anywhere else. Coach Justin is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University and has three years of college playing as a middle blocker and continues to play in adult leagues now. 


Justin enjoys coaching young athletes because he believes creating a strong foundation is necessary for later success. He believes that creating a foundation for skills as well as teaching athletes at a young age to work hard creates lifetime habits. Justin also teaches high school Geometry and loves to see his students find a love for math during their high school careers.  


Favorite core value at DIG 

RESPECT is the core value that Justin loves the most. “You have to respect your teammates to the point of trusting them to do their job on their court. Without respect, the team collapses and the chance for victory slips away,” Justin states.  Respect is critical off the court as well as more people gravitate to respectful people. 



Justin enjoys hanging out with friends when he’s not teaching or coaching. He also plays volleyball whenever he can and loves to relax and watch TV when he has down time.

Blake Vick

Head Coach of 13 White

Coach Blake's Bio



Head Coach of 13 Gray